Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules

We ship to NETHERLANDS, ALL EU COUNTRIES, MOSTLY ALL COUNTRIES outside of the EU (only countries were it,s allowed to receive whisky, (SEE DETAILS BELOW)
It is the sole responsibility for orders outside the EU, that the buyer himself knows that he may incur possible customs costs, excise charges and VAT (even if your order is below 1000 euro,s, So sending back because you have to PAY VAT OR EXCISES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED)

PLEASE NOTE That orders outside the EU do not have to pay VAT 

PLEASE NOTE that order outside the EU, can choose for only track&trace code, or fully insured sending, if you choose only track&trace code the package is NOT INSURED (For theft or loss or break)

PLEASE NOTE that we do not ship Packages addressed to PO Boxes, reply numbers and NAPO addresses can not be delivered by us

PLEASE NOTE that we ship to America, buth it cost 15 euro more, then other countries outside the EU, because we have to buy each time an official import form

PLEASE NOTE  that an order that has been made cannot be canceled because it is cheaper somewhere else

PLEASE NOTE  that we have no influence on shipping time outside the Netherlands, (The delivery time is not in our hands, delay is always possible)

PLEASE NOTE that you get an automatically mail from the delivery service, SOMETIMES THIS COMES IN YOUR SPAM  (We are working hard on that system of post delivery works automatically with the orders)

PLEASE NOTE that we shipping to America except for these states 

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah

FOR ALL orders they will get a small 3cl or 5cl whisky sample for free (if weight allows)


All our shipments are shipped in hard cardboard boxes, My opinion is that the boxes specially made for bottles are very strong,
buth their is no foil to protect against damage or scratches, so we always roll the bottles in 5 up to 12 layers of foil,
so it,s almost impossible to damaged the bottle, and the carton or wooden box of the bottle. All of our bottles are shipped insured, out of the EU, you can also choose for only tack&trace, and for insured shipping
so if something goes wrong we are able to get our money back. If their is something wrong with your bottle please contact me and
I will send you a new bottle (after I received your bottle at my home) If the bottle is no longer stocked we will refund the total price.

If you cancel the order before it is send, or before I ordered from the wholesaler, we will refund the purchase price incl shipping cost Including the costs of paypal, creditcard, or banktransfer

For orders under 500 euro’s only in the Netherlands the shipping costs are till 30 kg 10,00 euro

For orders over 500 euro’s only in the Netherlands the shipping costs are free

Delivery time: All orders on working days that arrive before 11:00 A.M will be sent the same day and you will have them home the next day
(only in the Netherlands, and ordered after Friday 11.00 A.M, send on Monday)

The shipping time outside the Netherlands depends on the carrier

Some whisky’s have a longer delivery time, so take a good look before ordering